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NOTE: Some books cover more than one topic. This list is intended to be neither definitive nor exhaustive. At some point (!) I intend to give full bibliographical references.


A Aspinall & E A Smith

English Historical Documents 1783-1832

M Bentley

Politics Without Democracy

A Briggs

The Age of Improvement

R Brown & C Daniels

19th Century Britain

G Kitson Clark

The making of Victorian England

G D H Cole & R Postgate

The Common People

H J Dyos & M Wolff

The Victorian City

GBA Finlayson

England in the 1830s

E Halévy

A History of the English People in the 19th Century

J F C Harrison

The Early Victorians 1832-1851

E J Hobsbawm

Labouring Men
Industry and Empire

P Mathias

The First Industrial Nation

H Perkin

The Origins of Modern English Society

M I Thomis

Responses to Industrialisation 1780-1850

D Thompson

19th Century Britain

E P Thompson

The Making of the English Working Class

J T Ward

Popular Movements 1830-1850

G M Young & W D Hancock

English Historical Documents 1833-1874

Rural Unrest

JP Dunbabin

Rural discontent in nineteenth-century Britain

E Hobsbawm & G Rudé

Captain Swing

J Stevenson

Popular Disturbances in England 1700-1870

D Read

The English Provinces

D Williams

The Rebecca Riots: a study in agrarian discontent

1832 Reform Act

W R Brock

The Great Reform Act

C Flick

Birmingham Political Union

D G Wright

Democracy and Reform 1815-1885

Trade Unions

J L Hammond

The Town Labourer 1766-1832

J F C Harrison

Robert Owen and the Owenites in Britain and America

E H Hunt

British Labour History 1815-1914

J Marlow

The Tolpuddle Martyrs

D E Martin & D Rubenstein

Ideology and the Labour Movement

A E Musson

British Trade Unions 1800-1914

H Pelling

A History of the British Trade Unionism

S & B Webb

The history of trade unionism

Poor Law

JJ & AJ Bagley, eds.

The English Poor Law

A Brundage

The Making of the New Poor Law: the politics of inquiry, enactment and implementation 1832-9 (London, Hutchinson, 1978)


The landed interest and the New Poor Law

SG & EAO Checkland, eds.

The Poor Law Report of 1834 (Penguin, Harmondsworth, 1974)

A Digby

Pauper palaces

P Dunkley

The hungry forties and the New Poor Law

NC Edsall

The anti-Poor Law movement, 1834-44

D Fraser

The Evolution of the Welfare State

JP Huzel

Malthus, the Poor Law and population in early 19th century

J Lindsay

Excellent order throughout: Derby workhouse, 1834-44

J D Marshall

The Old Poor Law 1795-1834 (London, Macmillan, 1968)

E Midwinter

Victorian Social Reform (Seminar Studies in History, Longman, London, 1968)

M E Rose

The Relief of Poverty after 1834

Factory Movement

G F A Best


D Bythell,

The handloom weavers

W Cook Taylor

Notes of a Tour Through the Manufacturing Parts

W H Challoner

The Skilled Artisan 1750-1850

W Dodd

The factory system

C Driver

Tory Radical

J Fielden

The curse of the factory system

J L Hammond              

The Skilled Labourer 1760-1832

B L Hutchins & E A Harrison

History of Factory Legislation

J T Ward

The Factory Movement 1830-1855
Leeds and the factory movement


S Bamford

Passages in the Life of a Radical (Cass, 1967)

A Briggs

Chartist Studies

G D H Cole

Six Chartist Portraits

T Cooper

The life of Thomas Cooper

J Epstein & D Thompson                       

The Chartist Experience

R G Gammage             

A History of the Chartist Movement                 

P Hollis

Pressure from Without

M Hovell

The Chartist Movement

DJV Jones

Chartism and the Chartists

EC Jones

Ernest Jones, Chartist

W Lovett & Collins J

Chartism: A New Organisation for the People (1840 - new edition introduced by Asa Briggs, Leicester University Press, 1970)

F C Mather

Public Order in the Age of the Chartists
Chartism and Society

D Read & E Glagow               

Feargus O'Connor: Irishman and Chartist
The Chartist Land Plan

E Royle


A R Schoyen               

The Chartist Challenge

M I Thomis & P Holt               

Threats of Revolution in Britain 1789-1848

D Thompson

The Early Chartists
The Chartists

J T Ward


D Williams                   

John Frost: a Study in Chartism

Anti-Corn-Law League and the Corn Laws

D G Barnes

A History of the English Corn Laws 1660-1846

L Brown

The Chartists and the Anti-Corn Law League
The Board of Trade and the free-trade movement, 1830-42

KJ Cameron

William Weir and the origins of the Manchester League

G Kitson Clark

The country gentlemen and repeal
Hunger and politics in 1842
The electorate and the repeal of the Corn Laws
The repeal of the Corn Laws

T L Crosby

English Farmers and the Politics of Protection

C R Fay

The Corn Laws and Social England

N. Gash

The Age of Peel

N McCord

The Anti-Corn-Law League

A Prentice

A History of the Anti-Corn-Law League

D Read

Cobden and Bright

FML Thompson

English landed society in the nineteenth century

C Woodham-Smith

The Great Hunger: Ireland, 1845-1849


PS Bagwell

The railway interest: its organisation and influence

T Coleman

The Railway Navvies

T R Gourvish

Railways and the British Economy 1830-1914

JR Kellett

The impact of railways on Victorian cities

Public Health

A Briggs

Victorian cities

MC Buer

Health, wealth and population in the early days of the industrial revolution

E Chadwick

1842 Sanitary Report

F Engels

Condition of the Working Class in England

S E Finer

Life and Times of Sir Edwin Chadwick

R A Lewis

Edwin Chadwick and the Public Health Movement


R D Altick

The English Common Reader

J F C Harrison

Learning and Living 1790-1960

D Read

Press and People

B Simon

The Two Nations and the Educational Structure

Peel and the Conservative Party

P Adelman

Peel and the Conservative Party, 1830-1850

R Blake

The Conservative Party from Peel to Thatcher

G Kitson Clarke

Peel and the Conservative Party

B Kemp

The general election of 1841

N Gash, Norman

Politics in the age of Peel
Bonham: Conservative political secretary, 1832-1847
Peel and the party system
Reaction and reconstruction in English politics, 1832-1850
Sir Robert Peel
Mr Secretary Peel: the life of Sir Robert Peel to 1830

R Stewart

Party and politics, 1830-1852
The foundation of the Conservative Party, 1830-1867

Crime and the Police

D Ascoli:

The Queen's peace

T A Critchley

History of police in England and Wales

JM Hart

The British police

JJ Tobias

Crime and industrial society in the 19th century



A Armstrong

The Church of England, the Methodists and society

K S Inglis

The Churches and the Working Classes in Victorian England

Standard of Living Debate

W H Challoner

The Hungry '40s

G Kitson Clarke

The Making of Victorian Britain

J L Hammond

The Bleak Age

R M Hartwell              

The Industrial Revolution in England

E J Hobsbawm

Industry and Empire

AJ Taylor

The Standard of Living in Britain

Other Reading (not in catagories)



G A Cranfield  

The Press and Society

M W Flinn

British Population Growth

D Read

The English Provinces

D Roberts

Paternalism in Early Victorian England

Contemporary Writing

Thomas Carlyle

Selected Essays
Past and Present

Charles Dickens

Hard Times (and any others)

Benjamin Disraeli


Friedrich Engels

Condition of the Working Class in England

Elizabeth Gaskell

North and South
Mary Barton

Charles Kingsley

Alton Locke


Ashley, Lord

Diary and letters

A Aspinall

Lord Brougham and the Whig Party

A Briggs

Victorian people

CH Driver

Tory radical: the life of Richard Oastler

GBA Finlayson

7th Earl of Shaftesbury, 1801-1885

JFC Harrison

Robert Owen and the Owenites in Britain

E Hodder

The life and work of the Earl of Shaftesbury

CS Parker

The life and letters of Sir James Graham

JM Prest

Politics in the age of Cobden
Lord John Russell

D Read & E Glagow

Feargus O'Connor: Irishman and Chartist

K Robbins

John Bright

F Smith

The life and work of Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth

JT Ward

Sir James Graham
Revolutionary Tory: the life of J. R. Stephens


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