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Aspinall, A

English Party Organisation in the Early Nineteenth Century

Belchem, J

Republicanism, Popular Constitutionalism and the Radical Platform in Early Nineteenth Century England

Blaug, M

The Myth of the Old Poor Law and the Making of the NewJournal of Economic History 23 (1963)

Blaug, M

The Poor Law Report Re-examined.  Journal of Economic History 24 (1964)

Bradfield, B T

Sir Richard Vyvyan and the Fall of Wellington's Government

Briggs, A

Middle-Class Consciousness in English Politics 1780-1846

Clark, G K

The Repeal of the Corn Laws and the Politics of the 1840s

Close, D

The Rise of the Conservatives in the Age of Reform

Davies, R W

The Tories, the Whigs, and Catholic Emancipation 1827-29

Davies, R W

Canning, Wellington and the Catholic Question 1827-29

Dunkley, P

Paternalism, the Magistracy and Poor Relief in England 1795-1834

Edsall,  N C

Varieties of Radicalism: Attwood, Cobden and the Local Politics of Municipal Incorporation

Finlayson, GBAM

The Municipal Corporation Commission and Report 1833-35

Flick, C

The Fall of Wellington's Government

Gash, N

Peel and the Party System 1830-50

Godfrey, C

The Chartist Prisoners 1839-41

Gutchen, R M

Local Improvements and Centralisation in Nineteenth Century England

Harrison, B

The Roads to Social Reform: Francis Place and the "Drunken Committee" of 1834

Hennock, E P

Finance and Politics in Urban Local Government in England 1835-1900

Henriques, U

How Cruel was the Victorian Poor Law? The Historical Journal Vol. 11, No. 2 (1968), pp. 365-371

Hilton, B

Peel: a reappraisal (Historical Journal, 1979)

Hobsbawm, E J

Methodism and the Threat of Revolution in Britain

Hurst, G B

The Dorchester Labourers

Kemp,  B

Reflections on the Repeal of the Corn Laws

McCord, N

Some Difficulties of Parliamentary Reform

McCord, N

The Implementation of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act on Tyneside

Midwinter, E C

State Intervention at Local Level: the Poor Law in Lancashire

Milton-Smith, J

Earl Grey's Cabinet and the Objects of Parliamentary Reform

Newbould, I

Sir Robert Peel and the Conservative Party, 1832-41: a study in failure? (English Historical Review 98, 1983)

O'Higgins, R

The Irish Influence in the Chartist Movement ( Past and Present, No. 20 (Nov., 1961), pp. 83-96)

Reid, T & N

The 1842 Plug Plot in Stockport

Richards, E

"Captain Swing" in the West Midlands

Roberts, D

How Cruel was the Victorian Poor Law? The Historical Journal Vol. 6, No. 1 (1963), pp. 97-107.

Rose, M E

The Anti-Poor Law Movement in the North of England

Rowe, D J

Class and Political Radicalism in London 1831-2

Rowe, D J

The Failure of London Chartism ( The Historical Journal, Vol. 11, No. 3 (1968), pp. 472-487)

Rudé, G

English Rural Disturbances on the Eve of the First Reform Bill, 1830-31

Taylor, J S

The Mythology of the Poor Law

Thomas, J A

The System of Registration and the Development of Party Organisation 1832-70

Weisser, H

Chartist Internationalism, 1845-48

Yeo, E

Christianity in the Chartist Struggle 1838-1842


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