British Foreign Policy 1815-65

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Chronology of the Crimean War

I am grateful to 'Corporal Scott Gutzke' of Battery B, 4th US Light Cavalry for gracious permission to use this material which has been taken from its web site. Copyright, of course, remains with Battery B. This document has been copied from its primary location on The Victorian Web.

Date Event
March 2 Menshikov arrives in Constantinople with demands on the Porte
May 21 Menshikov leaves Constantinople, breaking off relations
May 31 Russian ultimatum to Turkey
June 8 British Fleet approaches Dardanelles
July 3 Russian army crosses the Pruth into Moldavia
October 5 Turkey declares war on Russia
October 28 Turkish army crosses the Danube at Kalafat
October 30 British Fleet enters the Bosphorus
November 4 Russians defeated by Turks at Oltenitza
November 30 Turkish naval squadron destroyed at Sinope
January 4 Allied fleets enter the Black Sea
January 8 Russians invade the Dobruja
February 23 The Guards leave England
March 10 Baltic Fleet leaves Spithead
March 19 French troops sail for Turkey
March 20 French Baltic Fleet sails
March 28 France and Great Britain declare war on Russia
April 5 British arrive at Gallipoli
April 14 Russians besiege Silistria
April 18 Turkish victory at Rahova
April 20 Austria and Prussia declare their neutrality
April 22 Bombardment of Odessa
May 28 Embarkation of Allied force for Varna
June 23 Russians abandon the siege of Silitria
June 26 Allied fleet arrives off Kronstadt
July 7 Russians defeated at Giurgevo
July 28 Russians withdraw across Pruth 
Russians defeat Turks at Bayezid in Asia Minor
August 13 Allies besiege Bomarsund
August 16 Surrender of Bomarsund
August 21 Bombardment of Kola, in the White Sea, by British squadron
August 30 British naval failure at Petropaulovsk
September 5 Allies embark at Varna for Crimea
September 14 Landing at Calamita Bay
September 19 Encounter at River Bulganek
September 20 Battle of Alma
September 23 Russian fleet scuttled in Sebastopol
September 24 Arrival of Colonel Williams at Kars 
'Flank March' of the allies round Sebastopol
September 26 British arrive at Balaclava
September 29 Death of St Arnaud
October 12 Times Fund set up
October 13 Patriotic Fund set up
October 17 First bombardment of Sevastopol
October 23 Departure of Florence Nightingale and 38 nurses from England
October 25 Battle of Balaclava
Charge of the Heavy Brigade
Charge of the Light Brigade
October 26 Russian attack of 'Little Inkerman'
November 5 Battle of Inkerman
Florence Nightingale arrives at Scutari
November 14 Hurricane in Crimea
December 22 Sir Edmund Lyons replaces Admiral Dundas as commander of British Fleet
December 24 Admiral Bruat succeeds Admiral Hamelin in command of French Fleet
January 10 Russian feint attack on Balaclava
January 17 Russian attack on Eupatoria
January 26 Sardinia joins the Allies
January 31 Fall of Lord Aberdeen's government
February 05 Lord Palmerston forms new government
February 20 Allied attack across the Chernaya frustrated by snow storms
February 22 Russians seize and fortify the Mamelon
February 24 French attack on 'White Works' defeated
March 2 Death of Tsar Nicholas I, succession of Alexander II who recalls Menshikov
March 15 Vienna conference opens
April 4 Second Baltic expedition leaves Spithead
April 9 Second Bombardment of Sebastopol
April 26 Vienna conference closes
May 1 Fierce fighting on the French left, at the Quarantine Cemetery
May 2 First expedition sails for Kertch and is recalled by Canrobert
May 16 Canrobert resigns command of French army and is succeeded by Pelissier