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Chartism Test Questions: 5

I have been on Kersall Moor in the meeting and around the meeting, and will take my life on it that there are not thirty thousand people, of which at least one fourth are bonnets and quantities of children.  When I left the ground the chief speakers appeared to have left the meetings.  What the great Orator Beer may do towards Evening I cannot say but I have not the slightest apprehension that any great thing will take place that the Constables cannot quash straight without our assistance.  I shall beep this open till the latest train.

5 o'clock - all perfectly quiet.

From a letter of Sir Charles Napier to the Home Office, ¼ past two p.m., 25 May 1839.  PRO, HO 40/53


  1. What was Napier's role in northern England?
  2. What is the significance of Napier's comment that 'there are not thirty thousand people, of which at least one fourth are bonnets and quantities of children'?
  3. According to the source, by what time had the main speakers left?
  4. What evidence is there in the source to suggest that the meeting was partly a day out for those attending?
  5. How had Napier tried to ensure that the meeting was peaceful?
  6. What indications are there in the source which show that the government used the railways to its advantage?
  7. What was Napier's attitude towards the Chartists?
  8. How did Napier discourage the use of physical force?
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