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Chartism Test Questions: 12

We are called on to lay aside party strife, and cordially unite with them, to agitate for a repeal of the Corn Laws. Thereby assuming that which has no foundation in fact. For our cause, which is the people's cause, is not the cause of party or faction, but the cause of the great mass of the industrious classes....

Our object in addressing you is to expose the wickedness and craft of those who renouncing all principle (except a bad one), are endeavouring to persuade you to sacrifice your principles on the altar of expediency, by leaving the people to join a party comprised of avaricious, grasping money-mongers, great capitalists, and rich manufacturers.

The quarrel of the factious party we are invited to join is with the landed aristocracy of the country, therefore, let them fight their own battle without our assistance. Seeing they have ever refused to unite with, and assist us in contending for the manly and noble principle of self government, let us remain where we are, and keep the same object in view, and we shall assuredly obtain It.

The Charter, 29 December, 1839. Reply to a proposal made by Sheffield Chartists.


  1. What had the Sheffield Chartists proposed, according to the source?
  2. According to the source, how did the London Chartists view the Anti-Corn- Law-League?
  3. Why should Sheffield have made its proposal in the first place?
  4. What reasons does the source give for the London Chartists' rejection of Sheffield's proposal?
  5. According to the source, what were the differences between the 'causes' of the Chartists and the ACLL?
  6. Why were the Chartists suspicious of the ACLL?
  7. Trace the activities of the Sheffield Chartists after 1839.
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