The Age of George III

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The Letters of Junius

Letter LXV: To Lord Chief Justice Mansfield; 2 November 1771.

[257] At the intercession of three of your countrymen, you have bailed a man, who, I presume, is also a Scotchman, and whom the lord mayor of London had refused to bail. I do not mean to enter into an examination of the partial, sinister motives of your conduct; but, confining myself strictly to the fact, I affirm, that you have done that, which, by law, you were not warranted to do. The thief was taken in the theft; the stolen goods were found upon him, and he made no defence. In these circumstances (the truth of which you dare not deny, because it is of public notoriety) it could not stand indifferent, whether he was guilty or not, much less could there be any presumption of his innocence; and, in these circumstances, I affirm, in contradiction to you, lord chief justice Mansfield, that, by the laws of England, he was not bailable. If ever Mr. Eyre should be brought to trial, tve shall hear what you have to say for yourself; and I pledge myself, before God and my country, in proper time and place, to make good my charge against you.


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