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Cartwright invented the stocking frame in Doncaster. Ned Ludd or Ned Lud is the person from whom the Luddites took their name. His actions were the inspiration for the folkloric character of "Captain Ludd" (also known as King or General) who became the Luddites' imagined leader and founder. Although no actual proof of his existence has been found, it is believed that he came from the village of Anstey, just outside Leicester. The incident that inspired his transformation from 1700s common man to 1800s hero to the proletariat, was when he broke two stocking frames in a fit of rage. This incident is identified as being in 1779, rather than at the time of the Luddites in the 1810s.
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At this point Britain only had 65,000 men in the Army which was not enough to stop an armed revolution
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